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Vitamin D3 Gummies- Bucked Up

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Vitamin D is the unsung hero of health, and one of the only ways to absorb the benefits of sunshine without actually, you know, having to get dressed and go outside. In fact, legend has it that BUCKED UP Vitamin D Gummies are the one supplement vampires need to survive —not counting vegan vampires, of course. Now, we’re not saying you’re a vampire or anything like that. But studies do estimate that roughly 42% of the (US) population is deficient in vitamin D, so statistically speaking...we healthy non-vampiric humans could all greatly benefit from intaking more vitamin D. Ideally in the form of some gummy goodness, such as BUCKED UP Vitamin D Gummies. With BUCKED UP Vitamin D Gummies, we used the time & science proven dose of 5,000 IU; this has been shown by studies as the maximum amount of vitamin D our bodies can absorb via supplementation.