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Vitamin C Gummies- Bucked Up

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We get it. High intensity training, getting shredded, being healthy, and still having the energy to hit PRs (often while in a caloric deficit) is hard enough. That will never change.

Supplements, however, should not be difficult. That’s why we give you Gummy vitamins; a way to indulge your inner child, and benefit from their insatiable sweet tooth. As an integral part of any immune-boosting supplement stack, Vitamin C Gummies make health and wellness easier than ever.

Ascorbic Acid, because we’re all about going au natural and, more importantly, doing what’s most effective. As the source of Vitamin C found naturally in food, ascorbic acid takes the W, because of its impressive bioavailability (i.e. how effectively a compound’s absorbed by the body)

You know the benefits of Vitamin C. They range far and wide, and have been drilled into our heads since our first conscious cold. The benefits go far beyond what we’ve been taught though...