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ODA Super Greens
ODA Super Greens
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Alpha Elite Performance

ODA Super Greens

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ODA SUPER GREENS DETOX consists of plant-based super shroom technology & ingredients clinically proven to remove heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides from every tissue in your body and MORE! The broken cell chlorella binds to the heavy metals and toxins in the bloodstream and removes them from your system.


  • Rid the Body of Heavy Metal Poison
  • Increase Muscular Performance
  • Unbinds Heavy metals from Tissues
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Elevate Endurance
  • Enhance Cognition
  • Boost Immunity
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Fight Free Radicals


Heavy metal poisoning is caused by the accumulation of certain metals in the body due to exposure through food, water, industrial chemicals, or other sources. While our bodies need small amounts of some heavy metals — such as zinc, copper, chromium, iron, and manganese — toxic amounts are harmful.



Just one sip and you’ll understand why ODA Super Greens are unlike any other greens product on the market. ODA Super greens are the Alpha Team of Greens and are amazing! Such a delicious and healthy daily supplement. Simply stated, the taste and profile are out of this world.

ODA Super Greens are loaded with powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals, that will also bind to heavy metal poisons and rid them from your body. It will also help decrease inflammation in the body, increase workout performance, enhance cognition, help keep your bowel movements regular, and very important….boost the ever-important immune system.

The fact is, most people don’t eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fungi in their diet, nor in high enough quantities to yield any sort of benefits. Therefore, many are deficient in crucial micronutrients that not only help keep you healthy but that also aid in boosting mental and physical performance – both inside the gym and out.

What has been problematic up until the release of ODA Super Greens is that no one could choke down the disgusting greens products available on the market and you’re not getting enough greens at home or in the chow hall. Many of them are comparable to the taste of dirty socks after a long ruck march in the back woods of Fort Bragg, NC combined with the moon dust found in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, we searched near and far like special forces supply NCO’s to source the highest quality ingredients and utilized a specialized flavoring system to achieve a detox greens product you’ll actually look forward to drinking.

ODA Super Greens are available in three refreshing and mouth-watering flavors – Mango Punch, Berry and Lemon Tea.


Who Can Benefit from ODA Super Greens Formula?

Well just about everyone out there can benefit from ODA Super Greens, even the picky eater in your life or on your team. You don’t need to fit into a particular criterion in order to use this product. ODA Super Greens is a potent superfood formula that has many health benefits and everyone should use it.

Even if you’re the type of person who turns green just thinking about a plate full of vegetables, berries, and fungi, ODA Super Greens are the perfect solution to fill in any gaps with your micronutrients.



Many soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen have been misdiagnosed with PTSD or depression. Some are told they are malingering because of the negative effects of heavy metals in their bodies. Many live with the symptoms that mimic TBI or PTSD without ever knowing that it’s actually the high levels of debilitating heavy metals in their bodies.

Our Military members are being tested at hospitals across the country and finding out they have much higher levels of heavy metals than what’s considered healthy. Sometimes two and a half times more than what’s allowed for their age.

Lead exposures are commonly found on the firing line or in the battlefield. Many countries around the globe use lead-based gasoline and continue to do so today. You don’t have to be Special Forces to be exposed, in fact, many more of our non-SOF members are exposed. Our Military members ingest it when they fire their weapons. They eat it, drink it, and inhale it when smoking and through the use of chewing tobacco.

How do you find the lead in the body? It takes a blood test to do so. When found, it is often too late and has likely soaked into the bones of the body. When they are continuously exposed, the levels can increase to levels that become dangerous. Studies by our military and other government agencies say that once it is in the bone it soaks back into the bloodstream.

Don’t let your exposure continue to harm your body. Start to detox your body now with Alpha Detox, an amazingly pure plant-based detox drink that will get rid of heavy metals fast.



What are some other health benefits of this product besides removing heavy metals from the body?

Cilantro, Spirulina, and Chlorella are some of the most nutrient-dense superfoods that mother nature has created. They are packed with amino acids, Vitamin B-12, vitamin A and C, Magnesium, Zinc, and several other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, these ingredients contain potent antioxidants and have been shown to be cellular and neuroprotectors, helping enhance brain function, memory, and boost the body’s natural energy.


Are there studies showing that this product is effective?

There are several clinical trials that show that consuming Cilantro Extract and Broken Cell Wall Chlorella for just 40 days can excrete up to 85% of the heavy metals from your system (primarily Lead, Aluminum, Cadmium, and Mercury). Our product has had many successful personal studies where our customers checked their heavy metal levels before and after use.



We recommend mixing 1 scoop with 4-8oz of water twice daily.

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