Myogenix Joint and Tissue Support | 240 Caps

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    • ADVANCED GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN SUPPLEMENTS: UCII is the only form of undenatured type II collagen which supports joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. Other forms of type II collagen are denatured, or hydrolyzed. UCII is supported by published human clinical research, published safety data as well as numerous patents, and is the only source of undenatured type II collagen available as a dietary ingredient. UC-II CLINICALLY PROVEN - 200% MORE EFFECTIVE THAN GLUCOSAMINE/CHONDROITIN
    • SUPPORTS MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Get rid of your joint pain, aches, and especially that stingy stiffness. Take these capsules daily to see better results over time. Do more, bench more, exercise more, be yourself more. Designed to keep your joints loose, mobile, and comfortable. Make your joint health a priority with these joint vitamins. Better than msm supplement capsules.
    • RELIEVES PAIN AND ACHES - JUST READ OUR REVIEWS: Whether you have had surgery in the past, just have joint aches and pains, or you workout hard which puts pressure on your joints and tissue, this joint support supplement will make all the difference. Just ask those who have purchased and have left a review. Real results for real people who experienced what you are experiencing.
    • A DECISION THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Are you ready to see a difference and stop searching for that glucosamine chondroitin joint supplement that will actually show results, minimize if not get rid of your joint pain relief, and make the difference in your life? Try it and you won’t regret it.