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Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G.
Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G.

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Welcome to the new world of top shelf anabolic muscle recovery! Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. is a powerful Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine supplement which offers numerous benefits over the standard L-Glutamine supplements for recovery.

With Metabolic Nutrition TAG you are getting the pharmaceutical grade muscle recovery and immune system support.

Each scoop of Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. contains 10 grams of powerful Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine.

T.A.G. will help you with the following benefits when consumed daily:
  • Prevents ‘Protein catabolism’ – aka muscle loss
  • Boosts your immune system after those intense training sessions so you don’t get sick
  • Improves overall health
  • Added muscle recovery and growth

Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. is for hardcore athletes and fitness enthusiasts who seek extraordinary muscle recovery and immune system support.

How to take Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G.

Training Days: TAG should be taken with 10 ounces of water or juice before and after your intense training sessions for maximum recovery and anti catabolism. You can take up to 1 scoop per serving.

Non-Training Days: On non-training days consume 1-2 scoops of Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. throughout the day for added muscle recovery and immune system support.

Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. Supplement Facts

Metabolic Nutrition T.A.G. supplement facts