Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox (45 Caps)

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When it comes to stubborn fat burning there are far better solutions than stimulant based fat burners.

Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox is a powerful fat burning supplement that is without the 3 major ingredients that cause the most side effects.

You will not find synthetic caffeine, Yohimbe, or DMAA in Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox – but you will find powerful stimulant free ingredients that are designed to trigger your metabolism, reduce body fat levels and decrease your appetite all day.

Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox was created to be the most powerful stimulant free weight loss solution on the planet, and combines concentrated dosages of Vitamin B12, Synephrine, Green Tea Extract, ALA, and L-Carnitine.

Phenolox combines powerful all natural metabolism boosters with powerful appetite suppressing ingredients to give you world class weight loss results without all of the jitters and nausea associated with stimulant based fat burners.

Directions for Taking Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox

Warning: Phenolox is a very strong weight loss supplement and you must assess your tolerance for the first 3 days.

For the initial 3 days consume 1 capsule of Phenolox first thing upon waking.

With extreme caution you can increase your Phenolox intake to 2 capsules in the morning.

Never exceed more than 2 capsules of Phenolox daily or take 12 hours before your desired bedtime.