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Metabolic Nutrition L-Glutamine
Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition L-Glutamine

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Product Highlights

  • 5g of L-Glutamine per Serving
  • Pharmaceutical, Superior Grade Glutamine
  • No added colors, flavors, artificial flavors or fillers
One of the most abundant amino acids in the body, Glutamine is a key part of a
healthy body. Metabolic Nutrition L-Glutamine is a pure source of this amino acid
and has a plethora of benefits including supporting wellness and improving the
synthesis and protection of muscle. With 5g of L-Glutamine per serving, you’ll not
only be getting an adequate amount for all of your recovery needs, but you can rest assured that it’s purely high quality glutamine without the fillers and non-sense you could do without.

Key Benefits

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth
  • Decrease Muscle Soreness
  • Reduce Muscle Breakdown & Boost Recovery