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Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax (30 Caps)

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Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax is a powerful solution to losing unwanted water weight without any adverse side effects. Unlike many other diuretics - Hydravax is both safe and effective helping you lose that water weight quickly!

Anytime you feel bloated or are carrying water weight from poor dietary choices and excess sodium take the Hydravax to kick your body into high gear helping you shred water weight and look thinner within 12 hours.

Binging on pizza, fries and a milk shake with friends and you are feeling bloated from all the sodium, fat and sugar? Simply take Hydravax and you will feel much better by tomorrow morning. The results of Hydravax are felt immediately.

Hydravax works so quickly because it was specially formulated to address 3 water regulating factors in which your body retains water after eating food high in sodium, sugar, and fat.

You will find only powerful all natural ingredients in Metabolic Nutrition Hydraax such as dandelion root, magnesium, green tea extract, cranberry powder, and uva ursi.

How to Take Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax

Whenever you are feeling bloated and desire to lose excess water weight – take 1 capsule of Hydravax. Hydravax was formulated to work quickly and is a powerful diuretic supplement. For maximum water loss or contest prep you can take up to 9 capsules of Hydravax in a 24-hour period. This regimen should not be maintained for more than 3 days in a row.

You should be consuming at least 64 ounces of water per day (an average of 8 glasses) when you are taking Hydravax to ensure that you do not become dehydrated. Each time you take Hydravax it should be washed down with 16 ounces of water.

Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax (30 Caps) Supplement Facts

Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax (30 Caps) Supplement Facts