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Metabolic Nutrition GlycoLoad
Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition GlycoLoad

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  • Fast Acting Glycogen Replenishment
  • 100% Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin Carbs
  • Maximizes Training Endurance
  • Zero Sugar/Zero Crash/Gluten Free
  • 15g Carbs/serving

With the emergence of carbohydrate supplementation the last few years and thankfully what appears to be the decline of ‘carbophobia’, there have been numerous carb products such as waxy maize, dextrose, maltodextrin, Vitargo and KarboLyn introduced to the market. While these products have been popular and considered ‘good’ carb sources, they are far from ideal when it comes to insulin response, digestion rate and the feeling of carb bloat. Metabolic Nutrition addressed these issues with the introduction of GlycoLoad, the ultimate performance carb.

GlycoLoad utilizes highly branched cyclic dextrin (also known as HBCD), a designer carbohydrate. On the chemistry level, it’s a specific group of carbohydrate that is essentially 6 to 8 molecules of glucose chemically bonded together in a ring shape. More specifically, these molecules are made from amylopectin that have been altered by enzymes to create cross bridges, creating the unique ring structure via denaturing of the original molecules. Interestingly, it is similar to chemical composition to maltodextrin, but the effects vary greatly. One of the main factors that is differentiating from a structure standpoint is though they share the same molecule count is that the aforementioned maltodextrin is arranged in a linear (straight) fashion rather than the ring formation that is found in HBCD. This ring structure gives GlycoLoad unique benefits compared to other carbohydrate supplements when it comes to osmolality and gastric emptying.

The idea behind carbohydrate supplements at the core is to provide a steady source of glucose to fuel and sustain training sessions, promote muscle growth and of course prevent muscle breakdown. Ideally, carbohydrates that are easily broken down and absorbed should be used for this purpose, but the problem with many simple carbs is that they also cause an insulin response. This is great for post workout, however during a workout the problem is that these high glycemic carbs cause an insulin spike, leaving you prime for hypoglycemia, leading to a mid-workout crash.

The other caveat of most carb products is that they also have a high osmolality, whereas Metabolic Nutrition GlycoLoad has a very low osmolality. Osmolality is the total number of molecules in a given solute in a kilogram of solvent, so the higher the osmolality, the more molecules in the given solution. This comes into play with carbohydrates (solute) as when they are put into solvent, they of course breakdown. GlycoLoad, due to its high molecular weight stays in solution without breakdown and when in the stomach, has digestive acid resistance, resulting in low osmolality.

Low osmolality is crucial as the higher the osmolality, the slower the rate of gastric emptying (passing through the stomach) will be. Most simple carbohydrates, will not only cause an insulin spike upon ingestion, but with their high osmolality be held up in the stomach to be broken down, leading to the dreaded sensation of ‘carb bloat’. When other carb products finally release into the small intestine, this carb ‘bolus’ causes the aforementioned insulin spike. GlycoLoad on the other hand with low osmolality passes easily through the stomach into the small intestine for uptake in a rapid but steady rate. The secret to the steady release once again lies in the structure: They are interlinked in such a nature that it takes longer to break down the glucose bonds, avoiding the insulin spike. Easily digested so there’s no bloating and no insulin spike that can cause a mid-workout crash? The best of both worlds.

Furthermore, while there may be some other products that feature highly branched cyclic dextrin on the market, we take it a step further. Not only do we feature HBCD as a novel approach for intra-workout carbohydrate supplementation, but we engineered it to be the complete intra-workout product by utilizing their TRI-PEP BCAA and rounded it out with anti-oxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

So whether you’re looking to build more dense muscle or to have greater energy during and after your workouts, GlycoLoad is the perfect choice. The future of carbs has already arrived…are you ready to lock n’ load with GlycoLoad?

Manufacturer’s Directions:

The recommended dose for GlycoLoad is one to three scoops depending on your training and dietary goals. Depending on your goal, it can be used a low-calorie carb complex for high protein diets or as part of your pre-workout stack. GlycoLoad has no stimulants nor any ingredients where maximal dosing can limit consumption – you can use GlycoLoad anytime all day long to provide increased energy and enhanced recovery. Additionally, GlycoLoad can be stacked with other Metabolic Nutrition products.