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Do you lie awake at night wondering whether that third scoop of WOKE AF was a good idea? Does the crippling weight of existence lock your eyelids open beyond what’s considered normal? Or do you fear the coming tomorrow so much that even your streaming services are concernedly asking, “Are you still there?” Lucky you. We have the answer! Not to your existential crises, we’re busy working those out ourselves (like you, at the gym, and with way too many stimulants). We have you covered on a much more important front: SLEEP. As much as you fellow stim-junkies might hate hearing this: Sleep is critically important for building lean muscle and burning fat (shocking). During sleep, our bodies and minds go into repair and recovery mode. Your muscles need to repair & recover for growth. Additionally, poor sleep is a supervillain in all things related to speedy fat loss. Melatonin is the OG of over-the-counter sleep aids. We took it up a notch though. BUCKED UP Melatonin Gummies don’t just help you achieve the sweet state of REM sleep, they provide tantalizing deliciousness. Delivering wondrous flavor, our gummies may even ease the racing mind, warmly guiding you into the astral realm where all things are possible —including mental health, gainz, shreds.