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Purus Labs KetoFeed
Purus Labs KetoFeed
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Purus Labs

Purus Labs KetoFeed

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Fuel your low carb keto diet and enhance weight loss with KetoFeed!

Those living the low carb lifestyle and abiding by a keto diet can now rejoice over the new release from Purus Labs, KetoFeed. The typical protein supplement like a protein shake was previously the to-go for many following a keto diet. The downside of the general protein shake is they are rich in BCAA’s which spikes insulin levels. It’s as if you consumed carbs which can make you tired and hypoglycemic. One of the many keys to following a keto diet is managing blood sugar levels in order to optimize fat loss.

Purus Labs brings up KetoFeed as the best alternative. Containing cold processed isolate whey protein with medium chain triglycerides(MCT) to satisfy your appetite and fueling your body with energy. The MCT’s from coconut oil slows the digestion of the of the whey protein so it does not spike insulin levels. Not only does MCT slow digestion, but they bypass adipose tissue storage and are used for fuel. They also have shown to increase thermogenesis which leads to fat burning. On top of that, it raises levels of ketones in the brain.

Studies have shown that consuming MCT has enhanced weight loss. Participants in the study felt more satisfied and consumed less total calories. Feeling satisfied during calorie restrictive diet is very important and makes the weight loss process that much easier.

Replace your everyday shake and increase the fat burning process with KetoFeed.

Product Highlights

  • Satisfies your appetite
  • No spiking of insulin levels
  • Enhance thermogenesis for fat loss
  • Delicious tasting


Flavors: Salted Vanilla Caramel, Samoa Chocolate Crème

Purus Labs Ketofeed Supplement Facts

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