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American Metabolix Keto Lift

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The rise in popularity of ketogenic diets created higher demand for supplements to support this type of dieting. American Metabolix Keto Lift is a very versatile keto supplement that can either be used pre workout or intra workout. Keto Lift is a BHB salts supplement which also provides energy from caffeine and dicaffeine malate.

BSB salts are becoming a quick favorite of the keto community because of being a very efficient energy source without containing any carbohydrates. BHB salts increase the number of exogenous ketones in the blood stream which your body is able to use for fuel. Not only will you get a boost of energy but a boost in cognitive function as well. Due to being very low in carbohydrates, your body doesn’t have much in glycogen stores. A big benefit of BHB salts is that your body spares glycogen stores while using the BHB salts for energy. Due to how fast the body utilized these BHB salts, you can use Keto Lift as either a pre workout for an initial energy boost or intra workout to get an energy boost in the middle of your workout.

Product Highlights

  • Caffeine and BHB salts for energy
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Boosts energy and cognitive function
  • Fantastic taste
  • Can be used pre or intra workout

Supplement Facts

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