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Hi-Tech Cognisport® Nootropic 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has developed, Cognisport®, the elite multi-faceted gaming supplement to generate Crash Free Energy, Enhance Reaction Time & Elevate Cognition. . Cognisport® was precisely engineered with the elite gamer in mind, to help promote improved hand/eye coordination, support cognition and focus, as well as help improve vision and reduce eye fatigue associated with low-light gaming. 

Cognisport®  is not strictly for gamers though, it can be used by anyone looking for that extra edge during the day. Cognisport is perfect for athletes, students, or for people at work looking for better productivity, focus, mood and energy.

  • Improves Mental Cognitive Health, Mood, Fatigue, & Vitality
  • Manage and Reduce Stress
  • Increase productivity, focus, & energy