Glaxon Super Greens Energy Performance Formula

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Super Greens Energy isn't just another greens powder; it's a carefully crafted blend designed to boost your health and performance in multiple ways. Here's how it works:

Imagine your body as a bustling city, and free radicals like mischievous gremlins causing chaos. SuperGreens' Green Balance® Alkalyzing Blend is your superhero squad! Packed with chlorophyll and chlorophyll-related compounds from Alfalfa Grass and Wheat Grass, it activates your body's natural antioxidant enzymes, like valiant knights, to neutralize those gremlins and protect your cells. And for an extra punch, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin joins the fight, further amplifying the antioxidant power & 99mg of natural caffeine from PurCaf®!


Super Greens ENERGY still gives you the antioxidants, superfoods, fiber, and enzymes to support overall wellness, but now features a modest dose of 90mgs of PurCaf®, a natural source of caffeine from organic coffee!

  • Ditch the chalky aftertaste: Savor the naturally delicious flavor you'll actually crave. 
  • The Busy Lifestyle: One convenient scoop packs a nutrient powerhouse of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, elevating your diet without sacrificing time.
  • The Health-Conscious: Strengthen your immunity, fight free radicals with antioxidants, and optimize digestion with a potent blend of nature's finest ingredients.
  • The Active Individual: Boost endurance, buffer lactic acid, and accelerate recovery with plant-powered performance enhancers.