CREAKONG (300g & 1kg)

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  • Advanced creatine formula
  • Supports muscle size, strength & power*
  • 3 clinically proven forms of creatine for maximum results
  • Lab-tested ingredients
  • The unflavored formula for stacking

As a dietary supplement for adults performing high-intensity exercise, take one serving 20–30 minutes before workout with at least 8–12 fl oz (240–360 mL) of water.


Q: How much creatine does a scoop have?
A: Powder from newly filled or shaken bottles will be less dense (or more fluffy) than the powder that has been tamped. In addition, our labels do not indicate the scoop fill as we had to take into account several factors such as the compaction of the powder during storage and transport. Also, it is common to find customers who take their serving as rounded or heaped scoops. That being said, a rounded scoop is usually appropriate to reach 5 grams of the product.