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Product Description

Milk Chocolate Monster Cookie Crunch

There's no better combination than Milk Chocolate, Hard Shell Peanut Butter Candy, & Pretzels! Monster Cookie Crunch is loaded down with 21g of Protein & filled with so much flavor you won't believe it's not a candy bar! We have truly created a Monster

White Chocolate Cookies & Cream

This bar has nostalgia baked into every bite! Real cookie pieces & white chocolate bring this childhood favorite straight to your taste buds without the guilt!

Milk Chocholate S'Mores

This bar takes us back to a simpler time! Real Marshmallows & Graham Crackers are packed inside & then sealed up with a coating of Milk Chocolate! Whether you’re going camping or you simply just want an easy, High Protein Snack then we know Campfire S'mores will treat you right!

Milk Chocolate PB&J

This bar takes the Classic Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich & converts it into an easy, on-the-go High Protein Treat! Real Peanut Butter chips & a smooth Jelly flavor all coated in Milk Chocolate really make this bar stand on its own!

White Chocolate Fruity Cereal Crunch

This bar tastes like a bowl of Fruity Cereal without all the extra carbs! Real Fruity Cereal Pieces in every bite & a smooth White Chocolate Coating makes this bar one of our fan favorites!

This bar takes all that Saturday Morning Nostalgia & crams it into a High Protein Snack!! Real Cinnamon Cereal pieces & a smooth white chocolate coating bring your favorite bowl of cereal to life without any of the guilt!

This bar has all the nostalgic flavor of a Frosted Strawberry Cupcake while packing in 20 Grams of Protein!  Having dessert doesn't need to be accompanied with guilt, instead we can quite literally have our cake & eat it too!  Coated in Strawberry White Chocolate & packed with Sprinkles, this bar is sure to please even the harshest of critics.


Eat anytime for a high protein snack/meal replacement.