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There’s a lot of focus on the promised land: sipping on martinis – shaken, not stirred – on the beach, ripping muscles catching the sunlight, surrounded by bountiful fruit and fertile lands.

But the promised land does not come easy. We lost Eden once. It is no longer promised, but must be taken. To get it back requires us to dig in our heels and to draw on something darker – more primal. This boundless vitality requires an offering.


You could settle for average. You could remain passive in the face of an overwhelming onslaught of convenience and hedonism.

But if you do, you will never gainanything, including the youthful athleticism required to carry the march of Man forward. This requires a level of commitment and drivenness uncommon to the Common Era.

Peace, love, and friendship have their place. They just have to be backed by the Force of Arms. This isn’t the Shire.


Nothing is more routine and demoralizing than a boring, low-energy workout: short bursts of effort followed by going limp and scrolling TikTok for 5 minutes until your next set. It’s slow, it’s weak, and you end up counting the plaster cracks in the ceiling more than working your muscles.

Admit it: the best workouts of your lives felt like a frenzy. Muscles bulging with exertion, heart thundering in your chest, and veins pulsating with effortful ecstasy. This is how man was made to lift.


Introducing DVST8 Dark, fresh from the labs at Inspired Nutraceuticals and ready to power your workouts into a new spiritual dimension.

Our formulators have strived to distill this high-octane, relentless energy into powder form. By the time your sets are done, the productive devastation on your muscle-tissues will be undeniable.

DVST8 launches an artillery barrage of 5 powerful blends directly at your body to invoke the perfect environment for growth to occur. Every aspect of performance is in the crosshairs