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It's BULKing Season

Nutrition Central is proud to offer Adrenolyn BULK, a long standing fan favorite pre workout featuring a potent stim matrix, test booster, and performance enhancing Creatine.

When was the last time you got your Adrenaline up? That feeling like you can do anything. Lift any weight. Crush any goal. Nothing stopping you from imposing your will. BlackMarket Labs brings you that feeling with Adrenolyn BUlK. This is more than just a pre workout. This is the product that takes you from Beta to Alpha and motivates you to crush any obstacle in your path.

Product Highlights

  • Full clinical dose (3.2g) of Beta Alanine
  • Potent 300mg caffeine for energy
  • 1.5g Testosterone boosting D-Aspartic Acid
  • 3g performance enhancing Creatine
  • Nitric Oxide boosting matrix featuring Agmatine and Betaine
  • Mood enhancement from Mucuna L-Dopa


D-Aspartic Acid

One of the oldest and most studied testosterone boosters on the market, D-Aspartic Acid's potency is unquestioned. DAA works by stimulating your body's natural production of Testosterone and optimizing your hormone levels. Healthy testosterone levels means that you are more likely to gain muscle and less likely to hold on to excess bodyfat. In addition, healthy Testosterone levels lead to improved mood, energy, and libido.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a standby of pre workouts and makes an appearance in all but a few formulas. Beta Alanine helps primarily with intra workout endurance, and has the famous side effect of the "beta tingles," which many users like and use as extra gym motivation. Where most pre workouts fall short is the dosing. The industry average is only around 1.5-2g of Beta Alanine per serving of pre workout. However, the clinical studies for Beta Alanine recommend a 3.2g/day dose, which is what BlackMarket has included in Adrenolyn BULK.


Creatine is one of, if not the most studied supplement ever. It's been proven to increase strength, endurance, and athletic performance with consistent use. So there's just one question. If you're not taking Creatine then why not? Many people don't like the inclusion of Creatine in a pre workout as optimally it is taken on a daily basis. However, the dosage of Creatine is sometimes up for debate. While some people stand by the rule of 5g daily, others feel that you may need more than the standard 5g depending on weight, diet, and training intensity. It's definitely not a bad thing to get extra Creatine, especially on your training days, so we love the inclusion of Creatine in pre workouts, especially at this hefty 3g dose.

Mucuna L-Dopa

Mucuna L-Dopa is L-Dopa sourced from Mucuna Pruriens, a testosterone boosting supplement. L-Dopa converts to Dopamine, the happy chemical, which can improve mood and promote feelings of well-being. In addition, L-Dopa promotes healthy testosterone levels and improves sexual health and libido.

Caffeine & Bitter Orange Extract

Every pre workout lover has a special spot for Caffeine. It improves energy and is the oldest, most trusted pre workout ingredient ever. Adrenolyn BULK contains a potent 300mg caffeine, which is the sweet spot for most people with a pre workout. Any more and you may feel over-caffeinated, and any less and you may not feel it at all! Adrenolyn BULK is not just a caffeine-based pre workout, though. They've included Bitter Orange Extract (AKA Synephrine) to really spice up the stimulant blend. Synephrine has many benefits pertaining to weight loss and energy, but at the end of the day is one of the best stimulants on the market that really shines when combined with Caffeine.

Betaine Anhydrous and Agmatine

The two Nitric Oxide Boosters in Adrenolyn BULK, Agmatine and Betaine work synergystically to give you a better pump and improve blood flow. Agmatine works by inhibiting your body's production of Arginase, thereby increasing intracellular levels of L-Arginine. Betaine is a performance enhancer that functions similarly to Creatine and has been shown to increase Nitric Oxide levels.

Adrenolyn BULK Supplement Facts

adrenolyn bulk supplement facts